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Kids in Preschool


Putting Your Child and You First

Pediatric Disability support Work available now. This therapy is designed to help your children reach their full potential whether it is therapeutic, functional ,cognitive or community participation. Taking Children 18months- 25yrs. Group sessions also available for all kinds of backgrounds.

NDIS funding available.



Patient-Centered Treatment

Myotherapy is the holistic approach to therapy that combines remedial massage, trigger point therapy and diagnostic skills with the use of corrective exercises, dry needling and cupping (optional). It is the treatment that helps lengthen soft tissues (e.g.) muscles. tendons, ligaments etc that allow increased movement and decreased pain and swelling.

Massage includes remedial, seated chair, mobile, relaxation, deep tissue, MET, myo-fascia release and SCS. It's depending on the situation whilst taking a collaborative approach to find the areas of tension. 

Private health rebates available.

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The Person You Need

Do you want to meet your goals. Have you ever had a mentoring , life coach to help you reach your full potential. It may be physical, financial, mental. What ever it maybe, we can help you. With Indepth Therapeutics we will provide evidence based resources that can help you to reach your desired goals whilst working with you to open up and restore happiness into your life with whatever it may you want to seek to improve. 

Free Initial 15min Session-

Goal Setting Consultations Available